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Wheel Rim Sandblasting and Powder Coating

Sandblasting of rims is performed with a special mixture of abrasives, which are most effective for rims. Our professional employees use only top quality materials and technology that ensure the highest quality sandblasting and powder coating.

Sandblasting and powder coating of metal and aluminum rims

Sandblasting of metal and aluminium wheel rims is carried out in a blasting cabinet. It is important to choose an appropriate blasting agent for this procedure; we use a special mix of glass beads. When the wheel rim has been sandblasted, we powder coat it. Metal wheel rims are first coated with a primer metal paint. Wheel restoration is ready in one working day upon prior order.

powder coating of rims

Using an electrostatic gun, apply the paint in the form of a fine powder to the rim. After the paint has been applied, the rim is placed in a special furnace that heats the rims to 180 degrees Celsius to the extent that the paint layer dries and hardens. The biggest advantage of powder-coated rims is greater strength and durability of the rims.


restoration of aluminum and metal rims

We use various blasting agents. Owing to more than 40 years of experience we can offer you help and advice when choosing a suitable blasting agent. Wheel rim sandblastingin the blasting cabinet is performed with steel chips, corundum, glass beads, sodiumbicarbonate, and crushed walnut shells as abrasive agents.

Wheel rim sandblasting with steel chips and corundum is carried out in a blasting cabinet measuring 6m x 4m x 12m; sandblasting using glass beads, crushed walnut shells or sodium bicarbonate is performed in a blasting cabinet measuring 3,5m x 3,5m x 10m.

Sandblasting wheels with dry ice is one of the newer ways of sandblasting. Dry ice is more environmentally friendly, and it is also faster than other types of sandblasting. Dry ice blasting is suitable for rims as well as for restoring machines or various other devices.

Advantages of powder coating of rims

  • The products can be collected and used immediately after the powder coating process is completed.
  • The work pieces acquire a greater resistance to scratches and hits.
  • The work pieces acquire a greater resistance to heat, corrosion (rust), and chemicals.
  • The appearance of the products after powder coating is flawless; the coating adheres to the surface without paint runs.
  • The lifespan of the product is increased.
  • Attractive prices for renovation and restoration of products.
  • Powder coatings do not contain dangerous chemicals or solvents that can be found in conventional liquid paints.

Restoration of metal and aluminium wheel rims

  1. Cleaning and preparation of therim by sandblasting to ensure that the surfaces are cleaned and ready for further processing (powder coating).
  2. Potential repairs are carried out (welding, grinding).
  3. If needed and depending on the type of wheel rim, we can perform fine sandblasting (with glass beads, sodium bicarbonate or crushed walnut shells) before the powder coat is applied.
  4. Next we powder coat the wheel rim.
  5. The metal or aluminium wheel rim is placed in a furnace that heats the material to 180 °C.
  6. We wait for the wheel rim to cool. Upon request we also install the wheel rims. The entire process is completed in one day! If desired, we can also mount the rims. The whole procedure is done in one day!

Wheel restoration is also available in our online store. You simply select the dimensions of your metal or aluminum rims, place an order, our delivery service takes them away and returns the restored rims to your address.

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