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Metal Sheet Bending

We offer you fast, quality and precise bending of metal sheets, pipes, profiles and steel brackets of a thickness up to 15 mmand up to 2000 mmin length. Bending of pipes, profiles 120 mm x 120 mm.

Metal sheet bending and pipes bending

In addition to the sale and cutting of sheet metal, we offer fast, high-quality and precise bending of sheet metal up to a thickness of 25 mm and a width of 6000 mm. Bending of pipes, profiles 120 mm x 120 mm.

Sheet metal bending (sheet metal bending) is performed on state-of-the-art CNC machines. We are flexible when bending sheet metal or other services and we always take your wishes into account. We can also make the most demanding products for you.

You can choose sheet metal (iron, stainless steel, aluminum) from our rich stock at our location in Depala vas near Ljubljana or we can bend yours.

The most powerful bending machine in Slovenia

PPEB LVD bending machine key features:

  • Graphical control of the TOUCH-B user interface with touch screen.
  • The bending parameters are automatically monitored by a unique “intelligent” LVD database.
  • 2D and 3D color graphics simulate the creation of parts and show the sequence of handling materials.
  • CNC standard crown V-axis for models over 2 meters.
  • Bending power up to400 tons / 4 meters / 25mm thickness
  • The bending machine is made using a welded one-piece frame for machine precision.
  • Turbo hydraulics(standard height at 220 tons).

PPEC LVD bending machine key features:

In addition, we have a bending machine with which we can bend sheet metal up to 6m long and 15mm thick and has a capacity of up to 110 tons.

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