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cnc Autogenous Cutting 
Metal cutting up to 300 mm
Autogenous cutting is especially suitable for cutting thicker metals.
Cutting complex and simple shapes
Bring the desired shapes drawn on paper and we cut you.
accuracy depends on the thickness of the material
The accuracy of the cut depends on the thickness of the material. Plasma cutting is used for thinner materials.

How does autogenous (flame) cutting work?

The precision of the cut mostly depends on the thickness of the material. Autogenous cutting is employed to cut thicker materials using lower cutting speeds. Lately flame cutting has been largely substituted with plasma cutting, as the latter is more suitable for cutting materials that cannot be cut by flame (eg. aluminium). Flame cutting is used mostly to cut construction steel elements up to a thickness of 300 mm.

What are the advantages of autogenous cutting?

  • It can be used for cutting complex as well as simple designs.
  • Can be used to cut materials of great thickness (up to 300 mm).
  • You can provide us with a template or model drawn on paper which we can use as a stencil to cut the product in the desired shape.
  • Very accurate marking of points, curves and lines.
  • High quality sheet metal cutting.
  • Reduction of deformation due to overheating of the material.
  • Higher cutting speeds and consequently higher productivity.
  • Longer life of shredded material. Lower cutting costs.
  • There is almost no secondary processing of the cut pieces.
  • Cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 60 mm.
  • Suitable for cutting pipes and transition elbows.

Examples of autogenous metal cutting


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