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cutting and sale of sheet metal

We cut or bend all the sheet metal with modern CNC machines


Sheet Metal Retail Sale

Sheet metal cuts

Rolling Sheet Metal

Metal Sheet Bending

CNC pipe bending


We use only high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure best quality sandblasting. In addition to a beautiful appearance, it is also important toeliminate damage so that the material is properly treated and protected from further use.

After sandblasting follows powder coating suitable for restoration or purely for decorative purposes of various objects: antiques, car parts, aircraft frames, parts of sailboats, working machines, aluminum wheels, metal wheels, aluminum windows, copper pipes, the whole car, stainless steel products, bicycles, fences, works of art, medical equipment , chassis of trucks, excavators or forklifts or small workpieces…



Customers have been returning to us for many years, as we provide quality services by investing in development and new technologies and employee education.

Quality services

You can contact us when you need to cut metal sheets, sandblasting or painting metal objects and much more.

Fast service

Our company strives to provide customers with a quick response. Certain services, upon prior order, are performed in one day.

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