Blasting Cabinet

Blasting Cabinet Blasting Cabinet

The blasting cabinet operates using steel chips, corundum, glass beads, sodium bicarbonate and crushed walnut shells

The blasting chamber offers an efficient method of cleaning surfaces, removing old coatings or corrosion and strengthening of heat treated surfaces with an abrasive agent that is applied to the work piece. Sandblasting is used to clean surfaces and prepare them for further treatment (such as painting, powder coating, enamelling, galvanizing ...).

We use various blasting (abrasive) agents. Owing to more than 40 years of experience we can offer you help and advice when choosing a suitable blasting agent. We take into consideration the requirements of blasting surfaces, the size and shape of the work piece as well as the requirements for further treatments and the nature of the material. The blasting chamber operates using steel chips, corundum, glass beads, sodium bicarbonate and crushed walnut shells.

Blasting using steel chips and corundum

Blasting using steel chips and corundum is carried out in a blasting chamber measuring 6m x 4m x 12m. This blasting cabinet is used mainly for blasting truck chassis, excavators, forklift trucks, trailers, cars, airplane skeletons, sailboats and other diverse smaller object of all sizes.

Blasting using glass beads, crushed walnut shells or sodium bicarbonate

Blasting non-ferrous metals using glass beads, sodium bicarbonate or crushed walnut shells removes dirt and paint. The blasting cabinet measures 3,5m x 3,5m x 10,0m. This method of blasting is most suitable for fences, medical equipment, stainless steel containers, artworks, felloes... We use this method on all objects and materials from whose surface we wish to remove remnants of corrosion, and old paint, visible traces of welding and flame cutting, oxide layer, and also if we want to change the outward appearance of the surface (matting) or condition the surface for further treatments such as painting, enamelling or galvanizing.

Special offer!

Stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, and stone sandblasting is carried out in a blasting cabinet using a special mix of glass beads that give the surface of the work piece an even finish.  This type of blasting performed with the special mix of glass beads is suitable for stainless steel fences, stainless steel pressure vessels, aluminium and metal rims, aluminium motor parts, brass fences, copper statues, church bells, stone fountains ...

Why choose our sandblasting services?

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience we can advise you in your choice of a blasting agent most suitable for your work piece. We use only high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure best quality sandblasting. In addition to a pleasing surface appearance, it is also important to remove any surface contaminants or damages and to make sure that the material is appropriately treated and protected before it is used further.

Besides sandblasting we also offer damage repair and powder coating of your work pieces. Be sure to check out our other services.


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