In-Line Blasting

In-Line Stone Blasting In-Line Stone Blasting

In-line blasting is the best way to prepare and prime (protect) the surfaces of work pieces. It removes dirt, rust and previous paint coatings. The work pieces move through the blasting machine on a roller conveyor. During the blasting process, the abrasive agent (sand) is released using pressurised turbines.

In-line sandblasting of metal sheets, steel profiles, pipes, wood and stone

In-line blasting is used on sheet metal, steel profiles, and pipes, wood and stone. The material worked on can measure up to 1650mm in width, 450mm in height, and 12000mm (12m) in length. In-line blasting is used mainly for sandblasting of metal stairs, fences, radiators, grates, pipes, sheet metal, wood, steel profiles, ...

In-line sandblasting is also used on granite and marble, when we want to clean the surface of the stone or improve its outward appearance. The roughness of the surface depends on the coarseness of the blasting agent. If we want the surface of the stone to have anti slip quality, we must choose a coarser abrasive agent.

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