Sandblasting (repair wheels and rims) cleans surfaces and prepare them for further treatment (such as painting, powder coating, enamelling, galvanizing ...). For repairing wheels (rims) we use various blasting (abrasive) agents.We carry out in-line blasting and blasting using a blasting chamber.

The blasting chamber operates using steel chips, corundum, glass beads, sodium bicarbonate and crushed walnut shells. This type of blasting is suitable for fences, medical equipment, stainless steel containers, artworks, felloes...

Blasting using steel chips and corundum is carried out in a blasting chamber measuring 6m x 4m x 12m. This blasting cabinet is used mainly for blasting truck chassis, excavators, forklift trucks, trailers, cars, airplane skeletons, sailboats and other diverse smaller object of all sizes.

We use only high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure best quality sandblasting. In addition to a pleasing surface appearance, it is also important to remove any surface contaminants or damages and to make sure that the material is appropriately treated and protected before it is used further.

In-line blasting is used on sheet metal, steel profiles, and pipes, wood and stone. The material worked on can measure up to 1650mm in width, 450mm in height, and 12000mm (12m) in length. In-line blasting is used mainly for sandblasting of metal stairs, fences, radiators, grates, pipes, sheet metal, wood, steel profiles, ...

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