Powder Coating

Powder Coating Wheel Rims Powder Coating Wheel Rims

Powder coating is a method of applying paint to any type of metal. It is suitable for industrial as well as domestic use. Using an electrostatic paint gun we apply paint in the form of a very fine dust to the work piece. When the paint is applied, the work piece is placed in a special furnace that heats it to a certain temperature and causes the coat of paint to dry and harden.

The process of powder coating

  1. The first step involves cleaning and preparing the work pieces by sandblasting, thus ensuring that the surfaces are clean and ready for further use or treatment
  2. Potential repairs are carried out (welding, grinding).
  3. If needed we can perform fine sandblasting (with glass beads, sodium bicarbonate or crushed walnut shells) before the powder coat is applied.
  4. Next we powder coat the work piece.
  5. The work piece is placed in a furnace that heats it to 180 °C.
  6. We wait for the product to cool. It can be used immediately after it was treated. 

The advantages of powder coating

  • The products can be collected and used immediately after the powder coating process is completed.
  • The work pieces acquire a greater resistance to scratches and hits.
  • The work pieces acquire a greater resistance to heat, corrosion (rust), and chemicals.
  • The appearance of the products after powder coating is flawless; the coating adheres to the surface without paint runs.
  • The lifespan of the product is increased.
  • Attractive prices for renovation and restoration of products.
  • Powder coating increases the solidness of the products, because it produces a much thicker coating than ordinary liquid coatings; powder coating adheres to the surface without paint runs. 
  • Powder coatings do not contain dangerous chemicals or solvents that can be found in conventional liquid paints.

To which items and materials can we apply powder coating?

Powder coating or varnishing is suitable for the renovation or purely decorative modifications of old-timers, parts of vehicles, airplane skeletons, parts of sailboats, machines, aluminium wheel rims, metal wheel rims, aluminium window frames, copper pipes, cars, stainless steel items, bicycles, fences, artworks, medical equipment, truck chassis, excavators or forklifts, as well as smaller work pieces.


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