Metal Sheet Bending

We offer you fast, quality and precise bending of metal sheets, pipes, profiles and steel brackets of a thickness up to 15 mm and up to 2000 mm in length.

You can choose metal sheets (iron, stainless steel, aluminium) from our extensive stock at our company’s headquarters in Depala vas in the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana, or you can bring us your own metal sheets for bending. Each customer is given expert advice.

How is bending of pipes, profiles and brackets performed?

When it comes to bending pipes several factors must be taken into account; the thickness and quality of the material as well as the quality of the machine must be considered. We can bend round, square, rectangular or elliptical shapes.

Metal sheet bending is performed using a three roll bending machine or a CNC bending machine.

Three roll bending machine

We use it to bend inch pipes measuring up to 76 mm in diameter, and square pipes measuring up to 130 mm x 130 mm. Other machines are employed to bend objects of larger dimensions.

CNC bending machine

We use it to bend pipes, brackets and profiles of smaller radii and diameters, measuring from 30 mm to 160 mm.

Why choose our services?

  • We offer a wide selection of tools and equipment for sheet metal bending, which enables us to bend materials of various shapes and hardness.
  • We offer a rich selection of sheet metal from our stock
  • Fast and quality service.
  • We use modern, up-to-date machines for sheet metal bending, which allow us to bend sheet metal of different thickness and radii.


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