CNC Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting

How does CNC plasma cutting work?

The CNC plasma cutting machine is used primarily in the fields of automotive industry, aeronautics, construction and locksmithing. Because it enables precision cutting it is also used by artisans to design various metal objects. Plasma cutting is a melting process in which a stream of plasma (gas) is used to melt the material thereby cutting it. Plasma cutting can be used for cutting, drilling and shaping metals. Plasma is an effective agent for cutting thin as well as thick pieces of material; the work pieces can be up to 60 mm thick. Plasma cutting machines produce localized “heat zones,” which makes them very suitable for cutting pipes and corner profiles.

What are the advantages of CNC plasma cutting?

  • It offers very precise marking of points, curves, and lines.
  • It produces a high quality cut.
  • Reduces the deformations caused by overheating.
  • Higher cutting speeds resulting in an increased productivity.
  • Increased lifespan of cut work pieces.
  • Decreased costs of cutting.
  • Almost no need for after-treatment of work pieces.
  • Suitable for cutting black and non-ferrous metals of up to 60 mm in thickness.
  • Suitable for cutting pipe segments and transition elbows.

For which materials is CNC plasma cutting most appropriate?

CNC plasma cutting can be used to cut all types of electro conductive metals; these include stainless steel alloys with high chromium and nickel content, high quality construction steel, aluminium, copper, etc. In industry plasma cutting is still the leading method of robust cutting of material; it is most suitable for cutting sheet metal, pipes, and corner profiles.


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