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Our company performs abrasive water jet cutting utilizing a Flow water jet cutting machine. Flow International Corporation is the inventor of water je cutting solutions for various materials, which they patented in 1979. Water jet cutting has many advantages over other cutting methods. At present, water jet cutting can be used on almost all materials including paper, food, metals, stone, composites; it is extremely suitable for materials that cannot withstand high temperatures that are involved in some of the other cutting methods.

Cost efficient abrasive water jet cutting

Abrasive water jet cutting produces an extremely precise finish, and saves money, time, and material. Because the cutting is cold there is no deformation on the cut edges. The entire process of preparation before cutting is performed in a matter of minutes. Abrasive water jets cut by erosion and not by shearing or using high temperatures. In this way the highest quality of cutting is achieved, without heat distortion or mechanically damaged areas.

How does abrasive water jet cutting work?

Water jets cut through material using a slim cut, without leaving any heat distorted or mechanically damaged areas. This is what makes abrasive water jet cutting a high quality and cost effective cutting method.

What are the advantages of abrasive water jet cutting?

  • The cutting is cold and causes no deformations or mechanically distorted areas on the material.
  • Precise and fast cutting regardless of form, dimension or nature of the material.
  • Exceptional accuracy and speed of cutting.
  • It is suitable for cutting thick and thermally conductive materials.
  • It can cut through almost all known materials.
  • Can be used to cut complex shapes or inscriptions.
  • Preparation and mounting take only a few minutes.
  • Neat and clean technology that saves material and time.

On which materials can we use water jet cutting?

The type and hardness of the material worked on are not an issue. Water jet cutting can be used to cut nearly all known substances (aluminium, plastics, stainless steel, wood, felt, granite, marble, rubber, composites, foam, Armaflex, glass, steel, brass, copper, titanium, Plexiglas, magnesium, graphite, laminate, Dibond, ceramics, fire resistant glass...).


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